And She Would Be King – Meet The Technology Leaders

Brynn Conover, Technical Director, PointOne LLC – Arlington, VA

As a 25-year Engineering and Information Technology Executive,  Brynn Conover’s career has spanned private industry, government consulting, university management and small-business start-ups.  Currently, Conover is Technical Director for PointOne, a firm that provides strategic, technical, and operational expertise to senior leaders in technology and cybersecurity at the Department of Defense, Department of Homeland Security, the nation’s Intelligence Community, and other Federal agencies.   

Functionally, Conover’s background includes project management, systems engineering, performance management, process improvement, software development, commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) integration, information Assurance, IT Implementation and Customer Service.  Previously, Conover was the Vice-President of Intel for Kadix Systems where she managed technical project teams responsible for design and implementation of GOTS and COTS solutions.  Conover’s experience also includes co-founding the logistics software development and consulting firm Radical Logistics, acting as Executive Director for Georgia Tech’s Executive Master’s in International Logistics Program and becoming Vice-President of Client Services for CAPS Logistics.

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