Beware: Big Dreams Can be Scary…To Others

The Go big or stay Home Project – march 2012

I’ve noticed that when I tell people I am a leadership coach – they get a little squirrelly. They twitch a little, plaster a smile on their faces and take a step backwards – just to ensure a running start in case I want to wrestle them to the ground and coach them.

Or just recently, I attempted to post a link for my latest blog on a private, parents listserv and was severely rebuked by the listerv Zar. His argument – He suspected I might try to convert other members to become my clients.  No amount of assurance that my goal was to create a conversation for possibility would sway him from his deep rooted suspicion of my motives.

In my heart of hearts, I know  that  most of us are struggling with the same things…we want to pursue work we love,  we want to leave our mark in the world,  we want to have more fun and spend more time with our families.  I also know that most of us secretly feel that we are not good enough to do any/all of these things.  However, I also know that through community, dialog and dreaming into new possibilities – we could create more of the things we really want in our lives.

What I have observed is that, when faced with someone doing just that, most people twitch, squirm, suspect treachery and shut the door.  This out of the norm, open hearted idea that ANYTHING is possible is pushed away – decisively.  And the person with the dream is told, “Be more realistic.  The world doesn’t work that way.”

With that, my fellow Go Big or Stay Home journeymen, what you need to know in the face of other people’s fears is:

  1. It’s not you. Really.
  2. Stay persistent and focused. One door may close but look for the open window nearby
  3. Create a community of allies that help you stay true to your dreams and cheer you on
  4. Everything worthwhile takes time. Be patient
  5. Witness the resistance in others but don’t push against it.  Resistance just creates more resistance.
  6. You are good enough!

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And thanks! Whether you do any of that or not, thanks for reading this post, thanks for engaging with me and my blog.

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2 Responses to Beware: Big Dreams Can be Scary…To Others

  1. Lalah143 says:

    Yep, dreaming can be scary stuff. I am thrilled you are here to help folks go for their dreams!

  2. Karen Goss says:

    so nice to find your blog, Terri .
    and to being FB friends =)
    I look forward to reading more!
    Thanks and love to you and the family.

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